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Antique rug and carpet restoration requires an expert because the repairer has to match the wools, dyes,and construction to that of the original item. The damaged part is removed and a new piece is inserted to match the original. This means that the actual construction of the rug needs to be replicated: weave, texture, and design.

Restoration on any rug requires special weavers that cater to the specifics of the rug. We will make sure your rug is assigned to an expert that is experienced with your rug type. Restoration of your rug is possible depending on the damage and also any prior repair work performed on the rug. An initial inspection by our experts will give you an overview of your rug.

Because restoration is a delicate undertaking, we recommend taking advantage of our free consultation and no-cost quote for your rug restoration. An experts will inspect the rug and recommend the services needed to restore the rug and get the results you desire. For a full explanation on our process please feel free to give us a call.


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